Setting up a WordPress Website

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I get asked with some frequency “How do I setup my own WordPress Website?” I would love to say, “Well, you just go here, click this, click that and you’re up and running!”—but as is usually the case with technology, there are several things to consider before you start to lay out out the ground fly and assemble the tent poles of your new site.

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Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and were able to enjoy some great time with your families. I spent the first half of my break with my side of the family around Lincoln and the week of New Years with my wife’s family in Scottsbluff—giving me a lot of time to push through some books I’ve been reading. I can’t ask for more than a lot of quiet time with some books :-) Here’s to a supertacular 2013 for us all.

WordCamp Chicago 2012

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@cpultz and I attended WordCamp at DePaul University in Chicago. It was a helpful two days that covered everything from responsive design to server security and while I didn’t come away with any “LET’S DO THIS NOW!” items—the information learned will certainly inform a lot of WordPress decisions in the next year or two.